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    I am trying to add WPML to this website: http://smithgroup.gdlin.net/

    I have disabled all plugins except WPML.

    I have uploaded WPML a number of times.

    The pages goes blank and configuration is not possible. The Next button is dead when I try to configure the WPML settings.

    Can you take a look for me please?

    Can you email (Email address hidden if logged out) when you have responded please and I will log in again.

    K Rgds,


    Hi seanbain!

    It seems that the issue is something related to WPML.
    I am sorry but we can not locate the issue.
    Please do ask their support to provide some assistance, and if it is something related with the theme, we would love to help further.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding

    Best regards,


    Ok, thanks, I’ll come back to you depending upon what they say,

    K Rgds,



    Great, we’ll keep the thread open in case you should need any help from us.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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