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    I have a problem with my site, maybe a problem with woocommerce. I tried to disable all the plugins but still the same error. the structure is no longer in line for desktop see photonull


    Hey Playsystem,

    Sorry for the problem. Please try the following in Quick CSS under Enfold->General Styling:

    #top div div.product .woocommerce-tabs ul.tabs li a { 
      white-space: nowrap !important; 

    Best regards,


    I have problems on my theme at
    1- When I add description to a product in the beckend, everything is correct, but the description is not visible on the website.
    2-if I modify a product it becomes UNAVAILABLE even if the quantities of the product are in stock
    Can you help me solve the problem?



    1. Isn’t the description in the first tab on the page in private?

    2. How can we reproduce this problem?

    Best regards,


    this link shows you that a 500-word description is missing. whether to inspect the page in the throne code the description but it is not visible on the site.

    then another problem when modifying a product then becomes unavailable in the warehouse
    How can I solve the problem ?



    What plugin do you use for the warehouse connection?

    Best regards,


    hi we use woocommerce


    can you help solve the problem ??


    Hi Playsystem,

    1. The same as what Rikard said, the description shows in the description tab (this is woocommerce default behavior), if you want it to show near the price put the content in Product Short Description. I think woocommerce just wants to show the summary above then full description in the Description tab.

    2. Please do as what Rikard asked, we will need steps on how we can reproduce this issue since we can’t reproduce it on our end. :(

    Best regards,


    I don’t understand what richard means. the product is set to public but the description is not visible. on other products it works well but on some it does not work. can I send you logins and access passwords so you can register yourself?



    Thanks for the update. Please send us all necessary login details in private, along with a detailed description on how to reproduce the problems you are having. Please try to be as detailed as possible when describing the problems, also include screenshots highlighting the problems if possible.

    Best regards,


    to which email should I send login and password?


    Hi Playsystem,

    You can use this email: (Email address hidden if logged out)
    But the login and password should be posted in the Private Content (it’s the field below when you type your reply)

    Best regards,


    this email you sent doesn’t work. go back this message comes out

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:


    Hi Playsystem,

    Please don’t email that email address, you can use it as an email address for the account you’ll make.
    Can you please do the following instead:

    1. Install and activate ” Temporary Login Without Password “.
    2. Go to ” Users > Temporary Logins ” on the left-side menu.
    3. Click ” Create New “.
    4. Add the email address for the account ( you can use (Email address hidden if logged out) ), as well as the ” Role ” making that the highest possible and the expiry about four days
      ( to be sure that we have enough time to debug ).
    5. Click ” Submit “.
    6. You’ll now have a temporary account. Please provide us here in the private section the URL, so we can login and help you out.

    When your issue is fixed, you can always remove the plugin!
    If you prefer to not use the plugin, you can manually create an admin user and post the login credentials in the “private data” field.

    Best regards,

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