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    Hi guys.

    In short: Enfold Menu >> Website Styling >> Second tab: Main Content >> Upper right color chooser >> universal website-all-over colour

    The colour chosen here defines so incredibly much… That’s got me stuck now. Because in order to have a decent looking Woo webshop (imagine the light grey backgrounds being near black on and forms and such, I need that particular color to be light when the text is dark. Or the other way around. Which implies getting into trouble with e.g. the ‘cards’ on the bottom of the home page ( Sure, over there I could darken the text. But still, those cards were dark grey and looked awesome.

    Yes, those cards are in a content section. Yes, many things change when put into a different section than the Main Content type. But no, those ‘cards’ don’t. They always hold on to that Main Content Upper Right Color Choice.

    Could anyone help me out with a solution to this, in either of both possible directions? I’d be happy to do some CSS adjustments to manipulate the shop pages’ secondary backgrounds to go light grey. Or, if the solution lies with the ‘cards’ (the Icon Box with icon on top and its own background), I’d be more than happy to fix it on that end. I don’t care :) I just wish I could break these up.

    Cheers!! Remco

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    I checked your link but I’m still not sure which elements your trying to change. Can you take a screenshot and highlight the exact changes your trying to do?

    If your trying to target the homepage iconbox elements separately then you can do so with this CSS.

    .home .iconbox_content { background: red !important; }

    Best regards,

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    Hi Elliot.

    Thanks for the response. I’ll take you through it more clearly:
    – looking at the homepage now, I just inserted your CSS, et voila. Super solution!
    – looking at though, you can see the light grey iconbox bckgr.
    – if I change this to a dark grey, all iconboxes will be perfect!
    – yet all the light grey on shop pages – – then changes too.
    – so, whatever I choose, EITHER the iconboxes on any pages OR the shop pages will look crappy

    Can I use this code for every page? If I can… oh wow. I just replaced .home by .page (you know I am anti-tech originally, so it’s always lucky guessing over here). And now all iconboxes are as I like ’em. While the shop pages are still okay too: light grey text area backgrounds.

    So, for me for this moment and this website this is a great solution. Just one question though: instead of .page ?? Could I go for something like .main content ?? And .alternate content then too. Because now, if I wanted an iconbox in an alternate content area … lol. Just tell me how to manually control the color of the iconboxes given the different color sections.




    There are quite a few selector to choose from, .page being one of them, if you want to target single blog posts you can use .single and for single products you can use .single-product. If you want to control them inside a specific color section you can give your color section a unique ID and target them like this:

    #name-of-your-color-section .iconbox_content { background: red !important; }

    Please get back to us if you should need any more help.

    Best regards,

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    That last one is pretty cool. Thanks, Rikard. That should do the trick if I ever encounter such again. Now if I only knew the ‘code’ for the background of a large-gapped masonry… (which looks pretty crappy put inside a color section).

    Yeah, if only I knew… Wink wink ;)

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    I guess this is what you are looking for wink wink

    .main_color .av-masonry {
      background-color: orange;

    If not, please post the link to your page where we can see the element you would like to customize :)



    You. Guys. Rock.

    Perfect. Exactly what I meant. Thanks so much!!

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