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    after updating WordPress 5.8 and Enfold 4.8.4 i have problems with the Icon Box.
    In the editor its shows the content correct but on preview and on the website i see the standard input: Click to add your own text here.
    This is shown an ALL Symbol Boxes on my website.

    how can i fix this problem ? Here some Screenshots

    regards Dandy

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    I’ve got the same issue with the icon-box.


    I can see it when I want to edit it:

    But it disappears on the website:



    @Maarten have you this problem since WordPress update or since Enfold update?

    regards Dandy

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    @Dandy I Updated them both and then saw this issue, so I don’t know.
    Normally I always make a backup, only this time I forgot.


    ok i do the same, first update WordPress and than Enfold, and after that i saw the issue :(
    Hope we can fix this fast.


    I updated WordPress but not Enfold and icon box works as it should.


    ok thx, i updated WordPress on another installation and the icon boxes works well.
    So the problem is the Enfold Update.
    @Maarten do you use the enfold child theme?


    @ Dandy: No I don’t


    Same problem here:

    and here:

    I rolled back to v4.8.3 and the are working again.

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    I have the same error since update! Click to add your own text here under icon boxes.

    works fine again when i deleted the new version via FTP and did a rollback on previous enfold version


    @KeesKaas: Is there a way to download the previous version again?


    I have the v4.8.3 on my PC.
    Pretty sure i am not allowed to post any links here :(


    Here’s a copy of Enfold 4.8.3 I put up on my server:


    @cjbuilt thx for the link, i downgrade also back to 4.8.3 and all is fine now.

    Regards Manuel


    Same issue. Please fix ASAP. I own multiple Enfold licenses and have used the theme for multiple websites. I use this element extensively and they are all broken! Please help.


    Same issue. Rolled back. All Ok again.
    To add, buttons with a border also disappeared, the text remained.
    A horizontal slider was also missing on the homepage.


    @cjbuilt thanks a lot for the link. all went fine with the downgrade.


    Updated just on a test site but some problem.. Issue before update WordPress..


    We have the same problem with Symbol-Box on our site.


    @cjbuilt thanks a lot! Rolled back and all good now. Hope Kriesi and team can fix the issue.

    Just FYI in case someone tried to restore a server backup like I did and got a fatal error, I contacted my server support (Siteground) and was told that the theme update had added new files and that the restore point was updating all existing files but unable to remove the new file causing a critical error. I had to delete the entire WP installation, flush cache and then restore from a backup.. After that, updated WP again but didn’t update the theme.

    Other sites that I hadn’t attempted to restore just required reuploading the older version of the theme that cjbuilt was kind enough to share and iconbox and other slider issues were resolved.

    Another tip for anyone experiencing missing images and sliders with the new theme update — if you disable the css and js compression and merging under Theme Options > Performance, and then flush cache, it may fix this. Dev team, please note this as well, thank you!


    @cjbuilt Thank you for the link. It worked!!!


    Thanks @carbonquiver.
    I got fatal error too and had to restore eveything from my last backup.


    Unfortunately same here.
    Updated to 4.8.4
    Icon Box:
    editing ok, text in edit area
    preview: Click to add your own text here
    website: Click to add you own text here

    Thats quite severe, hopefully the team get it fixed soon and tells us right away.



    Same issue here: on the frontpage. 3 icon boxes are failing.
    updated only enfold, but not wordpress.

    thanks for a asap fix on this.


    Hello same issue !
    A fix quickly please… :'(
    1. Update Enfold theme > error text icon box
    2. Update WordPress > Idem
    So bug enfold…
    I have a backup but how restore ? Only a folder ? Folder enfold ?
    Thx u ;)


    Same issue at

    And one more issure at the blog: On our frontpage are three blog entries. Two of them dont’t use the Avia Layout Editor and everything is fine. The third uses it and the text is missing.


    Same here on several installations. Please fix this soon!


    I am having the same problem with the animated numbers feature. The back-end shows the text, but the actual page shows “Click to add your own text here.”

    I am having the same problem with transparent buttons. If I click the border option in the button settings, it shows up, but it would be great not to have to do that manually for each button!

    A third issue I noticed is color sections with a gradient background are not displaying. Again, if I go in and update it manually it’s fine, but would be nice if it retained old settings.

    Thank you for the link to the previous version @cjbuilt! Rolling back until these issues are fixed.



    We are sorry for the inconvenience!

    If you would like to apply a temporary fix for Icon Box content, please go to /enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/iconbox/iconbox.php in Appearance > Editor and find following on 196th line

    'std' 	=> __( 'Click to add your own text here', 'avia_framework' ),

    and comment it out as following

    //'std' 	=> __( 'Click to add your own text here', 'avia_framework' ),

    For Animated Numbers element, please go to /enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/numbers/numbers.php in Appearance > Editor and find following line

    'std' 	=> __( 'Add your own text', 'avia_framework' ),

    and change it to following

    //'std' 	=> __( 'Add your own text', 'avia_framework' ),

    To fix Dark and Light Transparent Button borders, please add following code to bottom of Quick CSS field in Enfold theme options > General Styling tab

    #top .avia-button.avia-color-dark,
    #top .avia-button.avia-color-light {
        border-style: solid !important;

    If you would like us to apply the temporary fix for you, please post temporary WP admin logins here privately.

    We have reported the issues to our devs and will release a fix as soon as possible. Accordion element’s scroll to top on click issue is also reported however we do not have a temporary fix for it yet. We will share it as soon as we have it as well.


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