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    Hey joshuati,

    The login details you posted are not working, please check and verify.

    Best regards,


    connexion corrected


    Also, I don’t know why but I lost the testimonials widget :(


    Thanks for the login but it doesn’t seem to be an admin login as I can’t see any theme setting or WordPress settings, please update to a admin login.
    Have you tried disabling your plugins or switching to the parent theme to see if the partner logo then works correctly?

    Best regards,


    Hi, I solved the rights issue, but I have a far big problem now….
    One page cannot be accessed anymore. it’s the contacts page. Please help, it says it is linked with the theme.


    Okay, from what I see, the last version of enfold is bugged. When I uploaded it, I lost enfold and it made my theme administration crash. Now when I upload a theme, enfold is there but not visible…..


    I have checked your contacts page on the frontend and backend but I see no issues, try clearing your browser cache and checking again.

    Best regards,


    Hi, I did it, but the partner logos are not showing anymomre. To solve the previous issue I had to do a role back. But on my accueil page, the partner logos are not showing in the slider


    the issue is the same when I log from a mobile.


    Odd I’m seeing it:
    Please note that iPhones can be hard to clear the cache, often you need to also clear the history to fully purge the cache, following these steps for Safari and note Step 4 where you will Clear the History.

    Best regards,

    This reply has been marked as private.

    If you entered a license in the Envato private token field, in this would not be correct, you need to go to your Envato Theme Forest account and create a Envato private token, please see our documentation here.
    If you did create a token, then please create a new one and ensure that the correct permissions are selected if you still have issues then please try the Envato Market plugin

    Best regards,

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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