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    Hello, I’m experiencing a problem on mobile when using links to specific id sections on other pages.
    On desktop everything works fine, but when viewing the site on iphone, when clicking on the sub-menus linking to specific #ids on another page, it doesn’t go to the right section of the page… sometimes it goes to the middle of the desired section, sometimes on a totally different section…
    It’s really problematic, since the submenus become unusable on mobile.

    Do you have a solution?
    Thanks a lot in advance!


    Hey maxgorelkine,
    Thank you for your patience, I do not have an iphone to test with and the only sub-menu items that didn’t work for me were the ones under “Performances du groupe” because they were just #, but I do note that you are getting these errors: OTS parsing error: invalid version tag & Failed to decode downloaded font: [...] /fsd-icons/fsd-icons.woff2
    and your fsd-icons.woff2 is giving a 301 redirect.
    So first I’m not familiar with these errors but most of my research points to this being a bigger issue for ios, which would explain why it’s not causing a fail on Android, second, it is clear that the fsd-icons is a custom font, but only .woff is available and not .woff2
    So first I recommend ensuring that you really wanted to link to .woff2 and it is available via on your server, if .woff2 is an error is your font-face css correct to .woff.
    If .woff2 is correct ensure that is was uploaded correctly as binary and not ASCII.
    Otherwise, check that any caching is not breaking the font because it is not available and is a 301 redirect.
    Another option would be to remove the use of this font temporarily to ensure that error is not the cause for the missed IDs on your iphone.
    Another common reason for missed IDs on mobile is because the mobile elements are different than the desktop elements, that is when the desktop elements are hidden on mobile resulting in two of the same IDs in the source code and causing the error, I didn’t find this to be your case, but as I couldn’t recreate your issue perhaps I didn’t click on the correct menu item to cause the error? Please tell us a couple of menu items specifically that cause this issue for you and if this dual element IDs could be the problem.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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