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    Hi, something must be wrong with my site. I upgraded to 4.5

    If I add a 3 x 2 icon grid, exactly like the Agency demo, this displays the first 3 icons correctly, then one on its own far right, then two below that. The visual looks like I have a 3 x3 grid with 3 blank boxes.

    I know this works OK in the demo. I have one running locally, but testing it on a staging site it is not working. The staging site comes from one of my first Enfold sites so goes back a long time and has been upgraded through the years.

    All the details are in private, if someone could take a look, I would really appreciate it – thanks.

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    Hi Heathcliffe,

    Credentials did not work for me (WordPress credentials). Could you please update the credentials?

    Best regards,


    How strange, I paste the p/w from here and it doesn’t work. If I paste it from my master list it works. I pasted it here from my master list.
    See below for updated info.

    Many thanks.,


    I managed to reproduce the problem with starting the page again from scratch. I entered a long sentence with no line breaks and this caused the same issue. I went back and pressed Return to break the text into different lines. This displayed correctly.
    I then went back and removed the line breaks so it was all one long line of text and this then worked. How strange.
    Please have a look at the page I linked you to, to see if you can figure out what is causing it.
    Many thanks.


    Hi Heathcliffe,

    Do you mean it does not work when there are br tags in the flip text?

    Well, the element is not meant to have a lot of text and any markup. It’s just for a simple sentence.

    Best regards,


    I don’t really know what I mean other than this function is “buggy”. I am not trying to add a page of text (though accept I may be trying to put more than a simple sentence).
    It would help if, when you release new features, you had somewhere that explained what exactly they do (and don’t do). :)
    The issue I explained above works on one page but not the other (with the same text) but something went wrong somewhere.
    I have it working now (but don’t know why).
    I’ll remove the login details.
    Thanks anyway.



    Thanks for the update. Please open a new thread when you encounter the issue again. We’ll close the thread now.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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