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    I have used the fullscreen slider on my homepage. It looks fine on my ipad and mac but on some other computer and devices it’s horrible. My slides appear cut so you cannot see the message on them and the title and legend and button appear in the center of the image. It’s not professional…
    Is it not responsive? Can I make it responsive??

    you can see it here:

    Kind regards



    Hi chryseis!

    Yes, it is responsive. It looks good on my end. Can you please post a screenshot of the issue? On what browser and OS did you see the cut off text and images?



    Hi Ismael,

    The thing is before I used the layer slider and when I put a text element that slide through the image I have created, if this text element was on the right of an image, it stayed on the right even on smaller devices.
    Here the text for example on slide two “SERVICES” “Réalisation de sites wordpress” and the button go in front of the image of the computer with my photo…Can’t the slide adapt itself so that the message stays on the right of the computer ?
    I wanted to keep this full slider because there is a parallax effect and there is not with the layer slider..

    Moreover, I have changed it because I knew a potential client would visit my site today, but on slide three, before the text “Des sites évolutifs responsive et connectés” was written from the left of the slider but i had to center it because as well on big and smaller devices it appeared cut..

    Kind regards




    The full screen slider is responsive but also *fullscreen*. This means it adapts to whatever the width of the users screen is above all else to stay fullscreen.

    So it doesn’t have the individual message control to have a specific part of the image visible at all times.

    The caption will always be visible but the image in the background will be cropped at the edges to fit whatever screen is viewing the site.



    Hi Devin,

    I now understand what you mean.. It’s the full-size which is my problem here. If I want to keep it full-size I must accept that every slide with a message will be cropped…

    But why is it different on ipod touch and on ipad 2 for my third slide? Is it because the size of the screen? I thought at first it was because the screen in vertical mode won’t accept my horizontal slide but both screen on ipod touch and on ipad 2 are vertical and just one crop my message.. See what I mean above:

    Kind regards,




    The two image links aren’t working but from your description its because the resolutions are different. So the display of the content is different between the two devices.


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