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    Hi guys,

    I’m experiencing massive problems. Mainly I work with Firefox. Everything is fine there.

    But Safari, Chrome and Opera don’t show the color-section properly.

    I have multiple color-sections on my landing page. Some of them are shown, some of them not. Then again, sometimes the color-section just freezes at 1 part of the image (when image is fixed to background).

    In Safari, even the font looks awfull (very low pixel-ratio) and the little search-icon in the header isn’t showed properly either.

    Can you help me out there? I allready tried this custom css from another thread

    .home #av_section_3 {

    z-index: 0;


    but it didn’t help.




    Can you post a link to your website please?

    Best regards,



    Hi DoGrinDigital,

    I’m not having any issues when viewing the above url. What OS and browser versions are you using when you are getting the issues?




    I am using windows 7. The problem comes, when viewing the website with google chrome, safari and opera. A friend of mine uses a mac and he has the same problem with safari there.

    All the browsers are at the newest version.

    I’ve recognized, that the easy-slider doesn’t work right, too. It only shows the first slide and the pictures are always way too big, no matter how I resize them.

    Maybe there’s a connection there?


    I just noticed you are using WordPress 3.6 and have not updated your theme to 1.9.1+ . You *must* be using the newest version of the theme for any of the themes javascript to function with WordPress 3.6.

    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP: htps://



    Ok. I’ve updated the theme, moved now to the right domain and tried deactivating every plugin one after another.

    Nothing changed. The problem still exists.

    PS:The new domain is now


    What problems are you still experiencing? I’m not getting any errors other than a WordPress 3.6 common core issue when viewing the site and there don’t seem to be any visual errors with the color sections, backgrounds or anything like that.


    The color-section-pictures are all fixed. But on the other browsers it shows only a small part of the whole picture and scrolls with it. Sometimes there are even completely white places or only a part is white, like in the screenshot above.

    Ironically only the first color-section on the top works completely fine. The rest has those problems I described.

    What common core issue do you mean? Another visual error?


    What version of Safari is that? I’m just not getting the same issue in any browser when viewing your site?


    Safari is at Version 5.1.7

    Chrome is at Version 29.0.1547.66 m

    and Opera is at Version 15.0.1147.153


    I checked again after every update.

    Chrome and Opera show all the smaller Color-sections, but not the first one on the top of the page.

    In Safari, there are these many problems.

    I heard, that there isn’t the newest version of Safari available for Windows. Maybe that’s the problem there? I could just make a note for visitors about that.

    But it still doesn’t explain the problems with Opera and Chrome.



    Some of the images you uploaded are missing including those use on the Color Section. Can you please regenerate the thumbnails? Use this plugin:

    Or manually re-upload them again.




    I don’t really get, what you mean. All thumbnails and the whole pictures are there. I checked the wp-content-folders via ftp.

    I also installed the plugin, but I can’t seem to change anything with it.

    Regards, Arne


    I wonder if the website looks different for logged in/logged out users? I tested in with the latest version of Chrome on Win8, the latest available version of Safari and Opera on Win8 and everything seems to be fine on my end:

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    I use WIndows 7 and Vista. When I tried the website said, that they didn’t find Java on my laptop. Even though I installed it.

    May it be a Java plugin problem? What environments does the Enfold theme need to work fully functional?


    I’ve now found out, that when I copy the url of the first picture into chrome and safari, there comes the message “Not found on this server”. If I copy the same Link into mozilla it works fine.


    I think I understand now. Safari is actually no longer support on Windows environments so it really isn’t a supported browser unless on a mac at this point. Officially, we don’t test or support it unless on OSX.

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