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    I have been trying to create a portfolio post that contains a series of images in the gallery format. I have created a portfolio item, then in the Advanced Layout Editor choose “Gallery” from “Media Elements”, which seems to be the way one of the demo portfolio galleries was created.

    I upload images and add them to the gallery but upon publish the only images that show are the original images loaded to the website (logo etc). I try again and choose the recently uploaded images from the Media Library so all have checkboxes, then add to gallery, but upon publishing, the only images I see are the original uploaded images (which were NOT selected).

    Nothing I do seems to make the gallery work. What can I do?


    A followup on this issue. I have this theme installed in a test location (separate host / server) with all of the dummy content imported and the gallery works fine there exactly as I have it set up on the current site that isn’t working.

    On the non-functional gallery site, when you go to “Edit Gallery”, it says “no items found”.

    Somehow images simply won’t load into the gallery, either uploaded or from the Media Library.

    I am using a child theme for minor theme edits and only have a couple of minimal plugins installed.

    Thanks for your assistance!


    One more followup. After changing the theme to TwentyThirteen the default WP Gallery properly loads selected gallery images. Enfold portfolio items also load the default gallery images properly.

    There is definitely something wrong with the Advanced Theme gallery on this site. Even with all plugins deactivated, it doesn’t work.

    Galleries are an important feature. I hope someone can help soon!

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    I think I have this working now. I uploaded preview images in addition to setting up the gallery and now the gallery is remembering its contents. I guess the key is to load the images in two separate places …


    Urrr … spoke too soon. It DID let me add new images but then when I tried to add more I was unable to. I deleted the gallery and started over and now it’s back to displaying the same five images it was originally showing, site logo etc.

    Could I give someone on the support team admin privileges so you could take a look at this for me? THANKS



    Please send the login details to ///.

    Include the word “Kriesi” on the subject. Add the link of this thread on your email.



    Thanks for your assistance. You should have received this yesterday. Please let me know what you find.



    You use the Gallery element but you didn’t choose which images to show. It doesn’t work like the default wp gallery where you just upload image and insert the shortcode.



    This is the entire problem I’m having. I can’t choose images. I select them and add them to the gallery (via the theme-specific gallery) and they don’t add. Pleas try it yourself and see. I just can’t get it to work. It only shows the first five images loaded to the website no matter what I do.

    I have been working with websites for over ten years and for years with WP so am not a confused beginner. Something is wrong. Thanks for your help.


    This is what happens when I add images just as you have pictured above. Nothing adds. I’ve tried on multiple computers, all Macs. Gallery add / edit



    What you see in the screenshot is your own admin page. Please test it again. I successfully add those images on your gallery.


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    I just logged in and did the same thing I’ve done numerous times and this time it’s working. Before no matter what I did the images would not add to the gallery but now they are. I am on another computer, not sure if that could have any impact (wouldn’t seem so).

    It will be a few days before I can work on this project again but I really hope the glitch is gone. I am using Enfold on several projects and besides this strange issue on one website, it’s the best theme I’ve ever used. Much appreciation.


    Hi kirzy,

    If you have any browser specific add ons with the other computer you may need to disable them. If you are also using something like IE you can try using FireFox or Chrome instead. Make sure any browser you are using is updated as well.




    Thanks for the tips! I will check on this when I get back. I am using Chrome and only IE if I have to ; )

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