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    Hi there,

    I’ve got a problem on my website with the Enfold contact form. The form does not send any emails, I’ve got 4 contact forms on my website. It also does not display the short message when the send button is pushed. It only just disappears. When I look in my Chrome inspector and I set the form css-style on display:block instead of none, it shows the send button still animating. Also in my inspector’s console I get the message “POST 404 (Not Found)”.

    Know, I’ve tried everything, updated the theme, deactivated all plugins and tried again, use a different theme and tried again, use different email accounts (including google and hotmail), tried the SMTP plugin, used contact form 7 (same problem), called my provider to say that it is their problem (no it’s not they said).

    To make the problem even more special, the website is translated, WPML, into dutch, the original language is English. On the dutch translated page the contact form is working, on both the pages, even the short message is shown. On the English version only the one on the contact page gives the problem.

    Can you give me some feedback on this issue? Would be great!


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    Hey joostdam,

    Did you try following this? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -sending-emails/”> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -sending-emails/

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    Well as you can read in my post, I already tried all the things in that link you suggested. Notting worked. The problem is that the other 3 (of 4 contact forms on my website) do work, it’s just that one contact form on the contact page in the English translation.

    I tried to delete the contact form and configured a new one. I deleted the whole page, set up a new one and inserted the contact form again, didn’t work either.

    This form keeps bugging me on that page and my solutions are at an end.


    hi, has anyone managed to solve this problem?
    I’ve had the issue for abt 2 years, I was hoping to fix it today, but no joy.
    Here’s what I’ve tried :
    1. Use Enfold Contact form with the website’s own email client – didn’t work
    2. Used a gmail address – didn’t work
    3. Used Contact form 7 – didn’t work
    4. Used 3 separate email addresses, including the website’s own – didn’t work
    5. Banged my head on the keyboard – that hurt.

    If anyone has a few mins to have a look at the site, I am happy to send login details via private message.

    cheers x



    Is the CF7 plugin working if you switch to a default theme? If this plugin is not working then there’s something wrong with email server configuration. Unfortunately, we are not familiar with those settings so additional information from your hosting provider will greatly help. Please create an email called (Email address hidden if logged out) in your email server then add this code in the functions.php file.

    function change_cf_from() {
        return " (Email address hidden if logged out) ";
    add_filter('avf_form_from', 'change_cf_from', 10);

    Don’t forget to adjust the domain name.

    Best regards,



    I’ve solved the problem my self. It’s not exactly the right solution but I can live with it. I’ve took the contact page out of his parent. Now it’s working.



    Glad you found a solution and thanks for the feedback. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic.

    Best regards,

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