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    I am trying to embed a Google maps iframe into a “Codeblock” section. I run into the following problems:

    When I ad the code in the Codeblock section and update the page, then the map is displayed as it should be on the webpage. But in WordPress the pagebuilder gets stuck in a reload mode, so I am not able to continue to work at the page and after waiting for more then 5 minutes, I had to delete the page and start over again.

    I tried a Google Maps alternative called OpenStreetMap, and I have the exact same problem: the maop is showing on the actual webpage, but the pagebuilder is stuck in reload mode.

    Any idea what can be wrong here and how to solve this? It seems there is a problem with adding html code?

    One other question about Google maps: is it correct that I have to pay now to use Google Maps this way (I mean by just embedding the i-frame)?

    Thank yoy for your help :)



    Oke, I found the solution myself: I am building this new website on a subdomain and on the main domain Wordfence security was blocking the iframe!

    So I whitelisted the action in Wordfence in the main domain, and now it’s working on the subdomain too!

    However, that leaves me with one question: can I use the Google Maps iframe code without an Google Api key and without paying for it? It seems the answer is yes, because it is up and running now. But I am confused, because I read a lot of stuff about having to use the Api key?

    Anyone can clear that up for me?


    Hi Alwin,

    NO, you cannot use the maps without the key or paying for it. It runs till the free quota runs out, then it does not show anymore.

    Best regards,


    It runs till the free quota runs out, then it does not show anymore.

    Hahaa, that’s why it is working now and also why it is still working on other websites I manage.

    But, how do I know when the free quota runs out? Where to find that information?



    As far as I know you get a $200 credit for each month, and I think that equates to 20.000 requests. That means most small and medium sized sites won’t ever have to pay. You can read more here:

    Best regards,

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