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    I’ve introduced a custom field to show an overline / deck head above a post’s heading (variable name $dachzeile) instead of the category name.
    Works fine on the post page itself – I managed to add this code snippet to loop-index.php:

    $dachzeile = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'dachzeile', true);
    				if($dachzeile != '') {  echo '<div class="dachzeile">' . $dachzeile . '</div>'; }
    				else { echo '<div class="dachzeile">'; the_category(' / '); echo '</div>';}

    However, I struggle to modify postslider.php in the correct way.
    Tried to modify the line with h3 like this …

    $output .= "<div class='dachzeile_startseite'>".$dachzeile."</div><h3 class='slide-entry-title entry-title' $markup><a href='{$link}' title='".esc_attr(strip_tags($title))."'>".$title."</a></h3>";

    … (fallback option from above not implemented yet), but the value of the custom field does not appear.

    • What is missing to make the custom field data loading (getting it into the loop, registering support for custom fields within a custom post type in supports $args etc.)?
    • How does the correct code with fallback option (“use category name if $dachzeile is empty”) look like?


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    Hey fmg,

    Can you try to post the whole code in and give the link to us, so we can check. As for the overlines, I’m not really sure what you meant, is it the one with purple background? I can’t see any on the 2nd link.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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