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    Hi Enfold team,

    I tried to switch my website to ssl, but got stuck. Here’s what I tried:
    _ I activated a certificate
    _ I installed the “Really Simple SSL“ plugin
    _ I changed the URLs from http:// to https:// in the WP general settings

    Since that the site isn’t displaying correctly, it is labled as „insecure“ and I can’t access wp-login any longer. To regain access,I tried to backuped to previous (non-ssl) version, but that didn’t undo the current issues. Hopefully you can help me fix it and set i to ssl.

    Cheers, Till.


    Quick update: I managed to restore my website and the access to the wp-login, by changing the site and the home URLs from https:// back to http:// in the wp_options directly via phpMyAdmin.

    However, it would be great if you can give me advice how to set the site to ssl properly. Did I miss something when switching it as listed in the previous post?

    Cheers, Till.



    Just having a certificate and changing the site URL should be enough, not sure why you needed that plugin you listed?

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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