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    I have seen so many consultations on insertion videos full screen as advertised on the demo in “Home-V9 – Videos and Parallax”.
    Many queries arising from the same subject can generate confusion to users and as I see in many of the queries on the forum, few or no solution (at least I have not managed to find it) to the problems of the insertion of videos.
    I propose that I saw do a tutorial for the steps followed by you and see how you do it. This would solve the problem and many queries were not undertaken in the forum for the same topic.
    Thank you for your help.


    Hi Carlos!

    I’ve done one for the color sections already here:

    And went over lightly that the slideshows now have video capability here:

    The main issues we’ve seen users running into isn’t with the how-to but with the output of video content. I am planning on doing another video covering each video type if once everything is stable.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for your help …

    I have done several tests with the option “Color section” only works with Vimeo, youtube does not work with.



    Why in the ipad and iphone so the video does not play automatically?

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    I was also wondering if the new video backgrounds (Home v9: Videos and Parallax) will work with mobile phones and tablets? I cannot currently get them to work using a video link from Youtube. The video does play on my Win FireFox and Chrome browsers.

    Also, I could see this not necessarily working on phones due to the smaller screens, but iPad would be great to have working with video.

    Lastly, I’m sure people have asked, but displaying a still image would be a super duper cool option to have in lieu of the video playback. (for times when video is not an option) I have not checked the forum to see if there is a way to do this yet, but undoubtedly there is.

    Thanks! Love the Enfold theme.



    No fallback for still image that I’m aware of right now.

    I know iOS will not play a video unless a user interacts with it so it itsn’t an ideal solution for video embeds right now. If you aren’t using 2.5.4 make sure to update and then hard refresh your local cache as well as any plugins that will be doing server side caching to fix video playback issus.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Devin,

    Ultimately the fallback to still image would be preferable. I just noticed a new-ish PayPal homepage has many of the same features Enfold provides. They are using video backgrounds, and fallback to a still frame for mobile devices. ;) Nice to know you’re ahead of the curve.

    I opted out of using the video backgrounds for now, as I need a one-size-fits-all-devices solution, so until a still frame fallback gets added as a new feature, I likely will not use this. However, it is a very cool addition. I’m really enjoying using this theme, and all the support.


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