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    Dear Kriesi
    I’m writing to ask your advice on how to handle the logo of my clients on enfold.
    Our logo is long and narrow
    If we put it in png transparent in its size (insert size)
    the result is bad because the logo is not centered vertically within the header.
    Screen 1

    But when the header is reduced in sticky header is perfect

    We have tried to put a logo png transparent high 156 as you suggest, with clear space at the top and bottom. The logo that is vertically centered but when the logo is reduced in sticky header becomes very small and not readable.

    We then tried to change the margin or padding of the logo, but the change that we have made with the margin prevents the logo shrink in sticky version.

    What should we change?

    We, also hava a huge amout of errors in admin interface.

    Could you help?


    Hey nicoletta85!

    We need to see the actual page. The logo should adjust according to the header height. You can adjus the top position of the logo using this on your Quick CSS:

    div .logo {
    top: 20px;


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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