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    Hello, I have a real problem in my store and the catalog images.

    I have detected that this happens since I updated the latest version of your Theme.

    If I deactivate his theme and put the default one, it doesn’t happen.

    from approximately September 1 all the images that we upload of product. they are displayed 1:1 and do not respect the original format.
    Cutting off the head of the photos of our models.

    I’ve gone to Customize -> WooCommerce -> Product Images.
    I modify any width variation of the main image or thumbnail and it does not make any changes.

    If I do the same in cropping the thumbnail, “No cropping” doesn’t make any changes either.

    I have tried the same thing with the base WordPress theme, and it changes the dimensions perfectly.

    What I can do? I need help, urgently


    Hi brunet77,

    We apolgize for the delayed response.
    Please check the answer on this thread:

    Best regards,



    Thanks for answering.

    This function is only applicable to the first photo.

    I have a plugin that changes the image on hover.
    So you can see the second image.
    The problem is that the second image continues to display in 450×450.

    I have tried 2 different plugins and the same thing happens.

    How can I make the second image keep the correct resolution?



    Hi brunet77,

    Since the problem is urgent, please try to rollback to your backup or atleast use the last working version of Enfold.
    If you don’t have a copy for it, can you tell us what version you used? if you can’t remember the version, then maybe when was the last update you made on Enfold where it was still working.
    Once that’s done, please create a staging site so we don’t need to debug the problem on the live site.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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