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    I installed Yoast SEO, when i was testing the sitemap it just showed me a empty page (header and footer but without content). The strange thing however was that altough the url says the breadcrumbs says Home / Nieuws (news/blog).

    I tested it with a other sitemap plugin, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.. Again same story..

    two plugins, and both have the same result.. After that I discovered that when I go to the blog page (home > Nieuws) I also shows a page with empty content.. When I turn Yoast Seo off however it works again..

    But even with Yoast Seo turned off and Google Xml Sitemaps turned on it will not show sitemaps…. when I click on the sitemap It shows as url. but it show the news/blog page.. (this time with blog posts)

    Is there anyone with the same problem, or anyone who has a clue what this is about?

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    try to de-activate and again activate the plugin


    Tried that :D not working :D

    I resetted the Yoast Seo settings to the basic settings. It did not help, but the sitemap now shows up a 404.

    After that I tried something else.. On the blog page I only had one item, the fullwidth masonry. When I added a 1/1 column with just a simple text box it just got stranger. (this is with Yoast Seo turned on)

    It showes a box with the footer… where the content should be..?

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    Okay I also tested it on a completely different wordpress install that functions as test environment for this clients website. It is on the same host.

    I turned off all other plugins and turned on Yoast Seo, again a 404 when trying to view the sitemap. But when I turned off the sitemap function, saved, turned it back on it worked.. After that i turned all plugins back on and it still worked

    On the clients website however it still wont work, but there are some new plugins installed so maybe thats the cause…


    This is more and more feeling as my own blog :P But I decided to give up on Yoast Seo.. I tried so many things, nothing worked.. Let me get this clear, I dont blame the theme itself .. on a test website it worked ok…

    I ended up with All in one SEO pack, i think also one of the best seo plugins out there,.



    Thank you for using the theme and sorry for the delay.

    A lot of users are using Yoast plugin and it works fine on their end. Maybe it is a combination of plugins that is causing the error. Glad you chose to use another plugin for this matter.


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