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    i would like to remove post title, i have manager to get the advanced layout builder for post, and i only want to see what i have in the builder view and not other titles or meta tags (took care of meta tags with
    .entry-content .post-meta-infos {
    display: none;
    but whenever i create a new post and i name it, then it’s name comes after the header as a menu in a white background which kills my page design.. the work arround is to not name it at all, and have (no title , in the post backend of wordpress, ) but then i need to know which post is which !! any help please ??!?!, i’ve been on all the forum for 5 hours this morning and i’m starting to be a little desperate ! lol


    You mean the word reportage for ex.?
    You can deactivate it in enfold settings under Header settings, header layout > Header Title and Breadcrumbs
    And you can change it in your page, right side > Layout too.


    didn’t work unfortunatly.. it seems more like a bug! especially after activating the advanced layout builder to the post section
    any quick css to stop this post name from showing up !


    it is different from header title and breadcrumbs, those are already deactivated, this is coming on post only , not on pages

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    i just made a change to the meta.php by adding post in it (along with portfolio and page) and i changed the template builder.php with the provided code given here:




    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .single .post_title {
        display: none;



    i ve tried that already, and didn’t work, and interrestingly enough when reading the modified php, i decided to hide the whole parent class, .entry-content and set it’s display to none and bingo!!

    .entry-content {
    display: none;

    problem fixed… thx very much for your support and i m sure your solution would have worked on your original php, but in this case it sound like we are referencing different variable names due to the adaptation of the advanced layer builder in the post area as well.

    thx for your quick response thow, i really appreciate !!



    You are welcome, if you have any additional questions let us know :)


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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