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    dear all

    i am a new user of word press and would like to know how we can change the usual post slider (the ones that are on the main page of the theme for example) , i would like to find the way how to change pictures and text, but cannot find it

    in another hand, when i try to build new carrousel i can’t find the way to build it whit background image and new elements , is there another place the “carrousel” to build that ? maybe i should create a new slider instead ?

    thank you very much for your help


    Hi Hank!

    If you mean Post Slider, you need to edit your blog posts and change their featured images and content. If you meant LayerSlider, you need to edit slides or create new ones. To make sure, can you please post a screenshot and show the element you would like to edit? You can upload your screenshots on or Dropbox public folder and post the links here

    Best regards,


    thank you Yigit

    i think i misunderstood the use of post slider, i thought they were customized directly, so apparently we need to work on them directly on the source page (portfolio for example)

    but still, i dont see anywhere where i can link the target page (or portfolio) to the post slider it self

    check the images

    ps : the links dont work, we need to copy and past :(

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    you can choose which entries to show in post slider. For example you could select “Portfolio entries”:

    If you need further support we would need a link showing the post slider in question. Admin access would be useful as well. You can post login details here as private reply.


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    Can you please provide a test page with the post slider so that we know what you have so far? I checked the pages above but they don’t have any post slider element. The post slider element will display recent posts either from the default posts or the custom post type portfolio, events, products etc. It depends on which taxonomy (Categories, Portfolio Entries etc) is set in the Which Entries? setting. It will display the featured image, title and excerpt of the posts inside the selected taxonomy as a slider.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    i have changed the way i presented it, i removed the post slides and replaced them by simple image elements , in the same way, i didn’t use “portfolio elements” but created pages for my pictures pages. it is more easy for me and at the end it is the same result.

    thank you for your time and messages guys




    Alright. Let us know if you need anything else. :)

    Best regards,

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