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    I’m starting the process to migrate from Broadscope to Enfold theme.

    Broadscope doesn’t use the standard featured image from WordPress and Enfold does.

    I have hundreds of posts, which I used the standard Broadscope to add the featured images on each post.

    Any wizard or script that convert all this images to the default WordPress featured images??

    Update manually each post won’t be a good idea.


    Hi andreano,

    No, not that I know of. I know there are some functions out there that will automatically set a featured image based on the first image in a post (plugins too) but if it isn’t *in* the post editor already then that wouldn’t help you.

    I’ll take the rest of the support crew to see if anyone has any ideas.




    Hi Andreano,

    Actually, unless you want to wait for something one day to be built or hire someone to build a custom importer, there is one way to do this relatively painlessly and would require a 39$ purchase , but I think the app is given with a 30 day free demo.


    You would need to use a macro recorder. You would open a browser window on right side of screen where new website shows, and on left side of screen where the old site shows. Then you would record yourself copying and pasting everything from old into new, including images, at the end you would return to old and delete the post you just moved, and stop the recorder.

    Then you put the recorder to play in a loop, and it will repeat all the copying and pasting that you did by itself, you can leave and let it endless copy all the 700 posts. It will probably take a full day or more, but since you do not have to do it yourself, but only once to make the initial recording, I think that is not a bad approach.

    The one of the two minor difficulties is that the macro recorder has no way of being able to tell which category checkboxes are checked as it has no bionic eyes, so solution would involve adding a line of code to the edit post/page/portfolio item page so that the categories which are normally checked, are instead displayed in a text box, each separated by commas, so then its just cut and paste

    The second problem is that if some of your posts have 2 images and others have a different number, then there will be problem since macro recorder just repeats your initial actions . Though I also have an idea. You can record 3 mini macros , one mini macro for posts with one featured image, another for posts with two images and yet another for three images on a page, and then to add and display an aditional field which would contain a number representing the total number of featured images contained within the post. The macro recorder is able to run a basic if/then/else then statement and based on the number in the field it would execute one of the mini macros. Solved 100%.

    I made a video of me doing this and its working! wow. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8hqGBMSfHtKcW9LLW1XZ3hyQVE/edit?usp=sharing … my speaker went crazy so i am sorry about the background hissing.




    Hi Devin,

    Can you share the link for this plugin, this is exactly what I need.

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the video, but I think the macro record won’t work since I don’t use image in all of my posts. Devin’s solution using plugin could be the solution in this case



    I marked the thread for Devin.




    Its a DIY plugin (just a function really) and I’m not sure what support it will have with 3.5.1 but give it a try: https://gist.github.com/bueltge/2930032

    Hope that helps :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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