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    Hi thanks for your wonderful theme. I’m setting a section in the home page with the magazine element. I’ve chosen a visualization as it appears in your demo magazine template.
    Everything looks fine except for two things:
    1) though I checked the first entry as to bi bigger, the extract of the post does not apper below the post title (I have only the image, date and title)
    2) I did not understand how to set the selection among categories in the av-magazine-top element (besides the element heading)

    How can I solve it?


    Hi Elena!

    1. Can you send us a link to your page so we can take a look? Did you set a featured image for the first entry?

    2. When you edit the magazine element there will be an option at the bottom for displaying tabs for each category.


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    Hi Elliott, thanks for answering back so quickly! As the website is on a “coming soon” mode, you won’t see it unless you get logged in.

    I’m gonna give you the credentials in the private section, so that you can see which are my problems (actually I don’t see any tab in the magazine element that allows to show the selection among categories as displayed in the dem i.e. All>News>Cat X).

    The problem is in the home page (actually is the only that I created up to now).



    I can see excerpts of posts just fine, but not sure if I am looking on the right place. Can you highlight using screenshots please? you can use or dropbox. Show us what you mean and what you want to achieve instead of what is now visible on your website, because then we can provide you some precise CSS code.



    Here the link to dropbox

    You find the image of my homepage and the image of the Enfold demo, with the highlighted problems




    You have to edit the post then enable the Excerpt box in the Screen Options. Add the post extract or summary there. Example here:



    Thanks Ismael, I missed that step! And what about the option of having a filter for articles in the upper right corner (see images as I posted on dropbox)? Did I do something wrong with the categories? Or should I add a specific element?


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    You need to apply categories or tags to your posts then edit the magazine element, enable the “Display Tabs for each category selected above?”. Select the categories.



    Thanks Ismael, I got it!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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