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    I am trying to embed a layer slider within a box of text. Is there anyway that the shortcode ie [layerslider id=”2″] can be positioned to say sit to the right of the text and even have any text entry wrap around it?

    I can get the mini layerslider slide show working but in will only sit in the centre of that text box.


    Hey madmanbean,

    Could you post a link to where we can see the results you are getting please? If you have a screenshot or a mockup highlighting your intentions, then please share that with us as well.

    Best regards,


    site under development at moment so url only works for admin.

    trying to replicate something like the old site re slide showing positioning of scrolling slide show

    old page https://oxfordspires.co.uk/index.htm

    html from text box new page with similar text shows slide filling the div but no way of editing that shortcode div aligh = right does not have any effect

    Oxford Spires ScaffoldingErecting scaffolding is a dangerous and high risk business. We are very aware of the potential dangers both to our and your employees as well as, in many situations, the general public.

    Oxford Spires ScaffoldingConsequently we always ensure that every job, be it large or small is fully assessed for all risks even before we even arrive on site and then careful monitoring of safety is examined on an ongoing basis whilst we are on site.

    <div align=”right”>[layerslider id=”2″]</div>

    Oxford Spires ScaffoldingAll our scaffolding contracts are overseen by a Supervisor who will manage the contract from start until completion. Our Supervisor will continually monitor and assess all aspects of safety on site and liaise with our Customer with the day to day schedule. They will also assess all aspects of safety on site and carry out an inspection of our scaffolding structure on a weekly basis.

    Oxford Spires ScaffoldingAll our equipment is regularly inspected and serviced by our full-time yard staff.



    Thanks for that. Did you try adding the slider in a 1/3 element, and the text in a 2/3 element? If you need further help, then please share login details with us in private, so that we can access the actual site.

    Best regards,


    Splitting the elements was my last resort but had hoped to be able to somehow embed that shortcode into a text block so that the text would flow around the slide show in same fashion as original website



    You could try to display it inline to see if that works, we can’t give you much more help than that unless we can see the actual elements.

    Best regards,

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