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    we are actually scheduled our new website going live for the upcoming monday. unfortunately the problem with overlapping portfolio grid persists. I do not want get a delay, it would be great to have solution on that, since it is the only thing that does not work up to now.

    strange enough, it only happens on full size browser view, if one does resize the window, all pics are in place, even when re-maximize the window, everything is in shape. It would really love to go live in time, so any idea on that?

    Hands-on Site is:

    Thanks for your kind help



    I don’t really see anything wrong on the website. I have a 1600×900 resolution screen and even when I resize the browser to any specific size, the site looks good without the portfolio images overlapping. These are the list of screen sizes, normally use on homes, offices etc.

    800 x 600
    1024 x 600
    1024 x 768
    1366 x 768
    1280 x 600
    1280 x 800
    1280 x 960
    1280 x 1024
    1440 x 900
    1600 x 1200
    1920 x 1080
    1920 x 1200

    I tested the site on each resolution and the portfolio looks fine. I don’t really think a user will re-size his browser to 1200px deliberately.




    Thanks, Ismael for calming me down ;-) So I can put the site to life right now. – almost done.

    Have a nice Weekend.




    I also noticed this issue. Look at his page :

    The same behaviour is found with the default installation of enfold. The portfolio images overlap the caption from the row above in 1200px layout. This doesn’t happen when shrinking the browser to 1000px and going back. So it’s the initial load of the page that sets the images wrongly.


    Hi Spiv,

    I’m not able to get that issue on any size when testing the site. Is it a specific browser or OS that it is happening?




    I’m using Firefox on macOS. But it also happens in Safari and Chrome. Seems to be a general issue. Make sure your browser is already at full width. Then load the page.


    Yes, I get the same thing on your site. I mentioned it in another thread. I have got mine set to the narrower format until the issue is fixed in a theme update.



    I’m sorry I can’t check the issue on macOS. I don’t have the machine to test it. In my honest opinion, this is not a big deal since 1200px is a not a common resolution for screen monitors. I’m not sure with macOS.




    This happens in all OS and in all Browsers i tested – FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera & IE with all browser windows size: On first page load pics & description do overlap, no matter what the resolution is. But if one does resize browser Window, everthings finally fits into place.

    In our case the description text is important, since people will choose their teacher regarding his instrument AND location.

    great to have this fixed with the next update


    I’ve tested your site on all of my test machines and still unable to reproduce it on your site. Can you use and make short video showing what is happening from your point of view?


    Yes, of course, here it is:

    on the Homepage of, the 8 portfolio items representing our schools, second row items do overlap the first row items description on initial load. after reload, they all fit.

    on, same issue, although i thought it depend on the different excerpts` length.

    So can you reproduce the issue now? I hope the video is not going by too quickly.

    Cheers, Sebastian



    Please try to add this css code

    .grid-content {
    padding: 16px !important;
    position: relative;




    Great, guys, updaten to enfold 1.5 solved the problem. Awesome!

    Keept up that great work.

    Cheers, Sebastian

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