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    Im finalizing a website im working on and now IE9 is giving me a hard time with one last small flaw. The link titles (when u hover on an item) for some portfolio tiles are not shown correctly after filtering.

    Does anyone know what could cause this? I noticed the enfold demo site is not having this issue.



    I get following js error:

    "thisheading" is undefined - avia.js, line 753

    However I can’t find this code in the latest version of Enfold (1.7.1). Please update your theme to the latest version (you can download the update from and the error should be fixed too.


    I found that the bug also exists on the demo site:

    switch multiple times between categories and you will see some tooltip titles do not match the actual portfolio title when u hover over them.

    It is hard see it at the demo page cuzz many items have the same name. For example:

    when u start at cat “all” go to HTML to PSD and then back to HTML. Hover over the 4th item “Single Portfolio 2/3 Video” (with the purple image) it shows “Single Portfolio 2/3 Gallery”

    However this only occurs in IE9 for me.


    I just noticed that also the link to the portfolio item (with the wrong hover title) appears to be broken in IE9



    Not sure, I can’t reproduce the error on the demo page. However I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi and ask him to look into it.




    Perhaps i did not describe it correctly, I’ll try as clear as i can:

    In IE9:

    1. go to

    2. click on category filter “HTML”

    3. change category filter by clicking on “PSD”

    4. Click again on “HTML” category filter

    5. Now hover with your mouse over the 4th item and you will see the titles do not match and when u click on the item you don’t go to the item’s page, the link appears to be broken.

    This problem appears after switching back and forth between category filters and only some portfolio items have this problem.


    Hey cyoniq,

    Thank you for the step-by-step. I was able to get the same issue so Kriesi should be able to as well and find a fix.





    I see it. A curious anomaly. Were you able to replicate it on your site as well? We will take a look at this, but this seems to be a problem with IE itself since the link is there on mouse over it just refuses to recognize it anymore. Did you test on your install if redoing the portfolio item, deleting it and adding a new one in its place removes this weird anomaly?





    Hey! Was able to reproduce it after getting hold of a computer with a native IE9 installation.

    It was actually a z index problem. next update will include the bugfix ;)




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