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    my first support request ;)
    So far everything fine. Thank you for your good “pre work”. The new website ist growing…

    Problem: Portfolio grid title background different size. Looks ugly (see “Referenzen”)

    + on white background remove border with some quick.css entry, I found in forum. (check) (as I did on
    + on grey background ???

    + how get the flag all the same size? Obviously the size of the longest portfolio title. Because – let’s say – I want to have different color than background, the above mentioned workaround doesn’t work.

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    Hey flymotions!

    Thank you for using the theme.

    I’m sorry but I may not be understanding the inquiry correctly. If you don’t mind, please post a screenshot of what you’re trying to do with the portfolio title. If you want to adjust them to have the same size or height, please add this on Quick CSS or custom.css:

    div.grid-content {
    min-height: 82px;


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    solved for now. good enough solution.

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