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    there is a problem with the moveing function of items in Portolio site when i sort after the criteries. Move is very hard and not smooth. Will you fix it soon ?

    Look here a example what i mean: its very smooth and also jquery 1.51

    Thanks and greets



    The link you posted doesn’t work, can you check it and re-post it again?




    i have just testing the link, its funtional, please try again



    the Problem with smooth item move is more in FF 3.6, i have just testing in IE8 there are the moves a bit smoother, but also not 100%. The reason is, that i have problems to sell this future clients in the moment, have nobody the same probs ? i’m supriseing


    It depends on the amount of portfolio items you use. I didn’t experience problems here: – however I’ll report it to Kriesi :)


    hi dude,


    the framerate in show/sort motion is 1 to 8 frames per second

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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