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    I want to know how to get some settings on my masonry portfolio:
    1) First thing I need is to avoid the items to zoom-in on hover. Maybe it could be done through a code on the change style css as shown on this similar topic I started:
    2) I have an issue with the items size for 3 reasons:
    A) Once I’ve determined the size for every of them, I find them pixelated on high density pixels screens as Macs retinas and stuff.
    B) Thinking with logic tells me I have to set item image for a higher resolution to avoid letter A issue but if I do this, items on the portfolio will appear really big (depending on how I change them). The thing is how do I get them sharp and well-defined without compromising the size I want?
    C) I am working with a size of 360x169px for the portfolio items under a “Perfect grid” configuration but the problem is that the gallery takes something of the image out. How can I show the exact resolution I want for every picture? I was trying with the different size settings and none of them completely satisfied me so I chose that as the closest.

    Thanks in advance!



    P.S.: Is any way of leaving the masonry portfolio elements non-responsive? I mean, same size regardless you change the size of the browser window. That might solve some issues from section #2 above by allowing me to set certain resolutions and stuff.

    Thank you,


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    Unfortunately it would require quite some time and customization of the theme to achieve this, so I am sorry to tell you that this is not covered by our support. However if its really important for you to get this done, you can always hire a freelancer to do the job for you :)

    Best regards,

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