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    Hi guys,

    I’m working on an implementation of the Enfold theme. You can see the site at:

    On the site we have a Catalog of Courses, and we are using the Portfolio type to list the courses (each course is a portfolio item). You can see this on the main menu, for example: Products > Intelligent Courseware > Catalog > Statistical Reasoning

    I have two questions:

    1. Would it be possible to modify the URL of a portfolio item so instead of

    we would have

    2. Is there a way to get the Breadcrumbs so instead of

    You are here: Home / Home / Statistical Reasoning

    we would have

    You are here: Home / Products / Intelligent Courseware / Catalog / Statistical Reasoning

    We are perfectly capable of making modifications to the theme’s code if you show us where to look.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards,



    I had a quick look at your site and see you have similar problem as me (see my recent question about breadcrumbs).

    And clicking on the previous link in a breadcrumb takes you to a blank page (with title and footer).

    Search this Forum for “breadcrumb” and the messages do not suggest an easy solution. :-(


    Hey Chris!

    Thank you for your reply. Did you solve your problem?

    Did you get help from the support team here? I’m wondering if I should submit a ticket somewhere else.

    Best regards,



    Same problem about portfolio here.


    Hi Gianmarizzi! Let’s hope we get an answer from our friends at support : )


    If not, we will invade them.


    Support gave me a work-around that solves my particular requirement of the breadcrumb “problems”, see post #161743

    But from what I’ve read in this Forum (eg. search breadcrumbs) I think support will give you an answer like: That’s the way WP works, for technical reasons. To do exactly what you want is beyond the features of this theme. You might consider separate plugin just to handle breadcrumbs.


    Hi Alison,

    ChrisXXX is somewhat right. What you would need to do is re-do the custom post type and its taxonomy to use yours instead. You may have an easier time of just creating and using your own custom post type with the structure you want instead.




    Devin, Want to understand what you are proposing, if you are talking about changing the portfolio-item shortcode as “products”.
    I have a similar situation. I have several courses that I want to build as portfolio items, mainly due to how they present themselves across the theme.

    Could you tell me how to accomplish this without losing the abilty of displaying it like a portfolio item (portfolio grid, etc.)


    Knock knock..

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