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    Hi All!

    Since the Gutenberg update, we are no longer able to use Advanced Layout Editor on our Portfolio Items without the featured image disappearing from the published Portfolio Item.

    The featured image still shows in the Featured Image section of the Settings sidebar. It also still shows in a Portfolio Grid displayed on a different page.

    Replacing the image does not solve the issue. Switching back to Default Editor makes the image reappear on the published page – but it disappears again when reverting to Advanced Layout Editor.

    This issue does NOT affect Pages, only Portfolio Items. Not sure if it affects Posts, as we don’t use Posts on our site.

    Our pages and login credentials in the private content below.

    Thanks for any help :)

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    Thanks for the details, though I’m getting blocked by Wordfence. Could you disable that until we have helped you out please?

    Best regards,


    Sorry about that, Rikard!

    I’ve disabled country-level blocking, so you shouldn’t have trouble now.

    If Wordfence blocks you again for another reason, let me know and I’ll disable it entirely.



    Thanks for the update, the details are working but the don’t have admin rights so we can’t see much on your installation. When using the Layout Builder then everything needs to be added manually to the portfolio item, including the featured image. You could add it using the Image element for instance.

    Best regards,


    Uff, very sorry about that, Rikard. I had given Admin rights, not sure why it reverted to Subscriber. It has been changed to Admin now if you’d like to take a look.

    My concern with the workaround you mention is that if I add the featured image separately, I wonder if the page is then actually loading the same image twice, even if it’s only displaying one of the copies.

    Is that concern valid?



    Thanks for the update, what I wrote isn’t really a workaround, it’s how the Layout Builder works in Enfold. The image should not be loaded twice if you add it manually.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Rikard.

    Let me make sure I understand you:

    1) I still need to the featured image in the “Featured Image” widget right sidebar, so that it appears on my portfolio grid page (which pulls featured image from each Portfolio Item page)

    2) I ALSO need to place an Image Element at the top of each Portfolio Item page, so that the image will show up there

    I called this a workaround because it’s not the behavior I’d expect from a Portfolio Item page…for example, the regular Page types automatically show the featured image at the top of the page (without adding an additional Image Element).

    Additionally, I just discovered that if I remove the sidebar from the Portfolio Item, the Featured Image does appear automatically at the top of the published Portfolio Item.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this :)



    Thank you for the update.

    1-2) Yes, that’s correct.

    The advance layout builder is purposely set as a blank canvas excluding default elements such as the featured image, post title etc, allowing you to create the content of the posts/pages/portfolios from scratch. That’s the default behavior ever since. If you want the featured image to display automatically, you have to switch to the default the editor.

    Best regards,

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