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    I have a couple of problems with setting up a portfolio – probably newbie questions, so I apologize:

    I need one large gallery page with 32 items, image only with mouseover headings, with each image linking to its corresponding portfolio item page. Each portfolio item pages feature an image and a lot of information, including scientific tables – no comments or blog etc.

    Here’s what I have done so far:

    1. I created a fullscreen gallery page, 8 images across, that looks exactly as I want. (since 8 across with mouseover headings did not appear possible in the portfolio set up.) Right now when an image is clicked the slideshow pops up – that’s nice too. It would be great if a user could click on a slideshow image and be linked to the corresponding portfolio item page. Or, failing that, just click on a gallery image and be linked to the portfolio item page.

    So my QUESTION: How do I link each image in this gallery to its corresponding portfolio item page?

    2. Just in case that is not possible, I also set up a portfolio page – 4 across. I have no idea if it’s an “Ajax Portfolio” or not, as I can’t see where that information exists when I’m trying to edit the page (I imported the dummy data originally and used on of those pages).

    The portfolio page is not showing any of my images, only the headings for each. The headings work, linking okay to the portfolio item pages, but I need the images to show, and I need all 32 of them in a one page gallery just like the one I set up on my gallery page. I’d rather have images only, with mouseover headings – just like my gallery page.

    The ideal solution for me is to get my existing gallery page images to link to the portfolio items. If there is no way to do that, how do I create a portfolio page that looks exactly like my gallery page (images only, 8 images across, and mouseover headings only)

    I looked in the editor area but could not locate the corresponding code – and I don’t want to mess with that unless I know what to replace.

    Sorry for the long-winded explanation. I have searched for an answer but can’t find one so far. Help is appreciated.




    1.) Did you use the Portfolio Grid? There is the “Link Handling” option where you can select to “Open an entry on a new page”. This will disable the AJAX portfolio and clicking on the images will open the actual portfolio item page.





    Yes to both. I created a portfolio page using “Portfolio Grid” and selected “open an entry on a new page” . As I said, the problem is that no images show on my portfolio page, just headings.(which link just fine to the portfolio items on a new page.).

    Since the portfolio grid was not working, I set up a gallery page separately, which looks exactly the way I want. IF I could link those gallery images to the portfolio item page for each, that would be a perfect solution.

    In summary…

    1. I need images to show on my portfolio page, and they don’t.

    2. I need images 8 across on the portfolio page, but it seems to be limited to 4 across.

    3. I do not want to see headings for each item on the portfolio page, just images

    (in other words I want the portfolio page to look exactly like the gallery page I set up)


    My separate Gallery Page looks exactly as I want (8 images across and mouseover headings only). But how do I link each gallery image to to its respective portfolio item page?

    Thank you for your time.



    Hi Jenn,

    There is no option available for 8 image grid for the portfolio grid so you would need to have a freelance developer add that option in to the theme for you.

    For the portfolio items, each one *must* have a featured image added to the portfolio item for it to show an image in the regular portfolio grid. Just make sure that on the page you have the “portfolio grid” element that its option is set to Open the entry on a new page so that the portfolio works like in this demo:

    For the display of the portfolio you will also need to select No Title and No excerpt from the Excerpt dropdown when editing the portfolio grid options.




    Thanks Devin.

    I’ll give this all another go.

    Thanks for your help.




    Please let us know if you need more help.



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