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    I have been trying to use the portfolio and all I seem to encounter is difficulties with it.

    I have a few questions, hopefully someone can help me with some answers.

    1) If you use pagination and you try to click a filter on the first page, the items from the second page with that tag do not come to the first page even if there is room on the first page. Is this a bug?

    2) I am trying to use the pictures for the portfolio but it keeps translating the image and making them look ugly, is there a way to prevent it from translating my images?

    3) Even after it translates my images, the sizes for each individual portfolio item is different and it now experiences strange tiling behavior where a 4th item (3 column rows) may be tacked onto the bottom of any portfolio item from the column above, and then the 5th item starts on it’s own column. Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you for your time, I would appreciate any feedback or help to these questions.


    I have most of the things above resolved after various tweaking and changing my images to have a unified height.

    Now, I can’t seem to get the portfolio items to open in a new page/tab, the option under “Link Handling” does not seem to do anything.

    Is there a way to fix this?




    Are you using the Portfolio Grid?

    You can edit config-templatebuilder > avia-shortcodes > portfolio.php, find this code

    Line 240:

    $output .= "<a href='{$link}' data-rel='grid-".avia_post_grid::$grid."' class='grid-image' title=''>".get_the_post_thumbnail( $the_id, $image_size )."</a>";

    Replace it with:

    $output .= "<a target='_blank' href='{$link}' data-rel='grid-".avia_post_grid::$grid."' class='grid-image' title=''>".get_the_post_thumbnail( $the_id, $image_size )."</a>";

    Line 242:

    $output .= "<h3 class='grid-entry-title'><a href='{$title_link}' title='".esc_attr(strip_tags($entry->post_title))."'>".$entry->post_title."</a></h3>";

    Replace with:

    $output .= "<h3 class='grid-entry-title'><a target='_blank' href='{$title_link}' title='".esc_attr(strip_tags($entry->post_title))."'>".$entry->post_title."</a></h3>";




    Thank you for your help.

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