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    Do you have documentation on how to setup portfolio pages and galleries?

    Please let me know.



    1) To create a gallery just add a gallery element to a page and select existing images or upload new ones:

    2) For a portfolio you need to create portfolio entries and portfolio categories first.

    a) Go to Portfolio Entries > Portfolio Categories and create one or more categories.

    b) Go to Portfolio Entries > Add New and add a new portfolio entry. Assign it to a portfolio category.

    c) Go to a page and add the portfolio element to it. Select the category/ies you want to display.

    d) Save the page and the portfolio is ready.


    Thanks, I’ll give this a try.


    Still not understanding. What I’m doing is creating a bunch of pages, each with a different gallery on it featuring a book. I want to create a portfolio page that features thumbnails of all the books in that series. So a visitor would open the portfolio page, see all the books, and click on the thumbnail to go to that particular book page.


    Hi cranwinks,

    Each portfolio is a visual group of the individual portfolio items. So if you are using pages, they won’t show as a portfolio. You need to create a portfolio item from the Portfolio custom post type menu in the main wordpress menu (on the left hand side of the screen).

    Then for each portfolio item, you add a featured image which will be used as the preview image in the portfolio overview.




    I am having a “very difficult” time understanding how to create a portfolio in Enfold, specifically wanting a portfolio to display only video (self-hosted, youtube & vimeo), where video will open in light box when clicked on from the portfolio page & not go to the page where video is . . .

    I have searched for over an hour in the forum & am not finding clear instructional steps to

    1. creating a portfolio “in Enfold”

    2. opening video in light box from portfolio page once created.

    3. how to create new “additional portfolios” for different subjects or does enfold only have “one portfolio” to use for several different categories? (I hope this isn’t the case . . . )

    Thank you so very much for your kind reply :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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