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    I am trying to use a masonry portfolio grid and all is working fine except for a couple of things that happen when you sort by category:

    1) It displays a next page when there are no other items (that should not appear if there are no more items in that category to see)

    2) If you click on the next page it takes you to a page with items from a completely different category (not the same category that you are on) AND if you then try to click ‘all’ it does not show you the original set which included all the categories.

    So using the link I’ll send you privately go to the page, click on business cards and you will see there are only a couple but there is still pagination below showing that there’s another page (where there really isn’t). If you then click that next page you’ll see that it brings you to a page that shows completely different categories (magazine, posters, brochures – none of which are business cards). If you then try to go back and see “All” by clicking the “All” link you cannot get back to your original set of portfolio items.

    This is an important part of the site and it’s important that people can sort and browse through the different categories without ending up in the wrong place or unable to get back. Can you take a look, using the link below? Thanks.

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    Hey waterwalk!

    you are using a very old version of the theme. Please upgrade to Enfold v3.3.2.

    Best regards,


    YIKES! The update destroyed my ability to edit pages now. I can no longer use the Avia layout builder. All my blocks of content are no longer accessible. What do you suggest?

    Broken Avia Layout Builder



    Try deactivating all of your plugins. If that does not help then send us a WordPress login and we’ll take a look.

    Best regards,

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