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    Hi There, I have an issue whereby the portfolio image/team member image only show the first image – – any ideas?


    Hi silviouk,

    It doesn’t look like the image is getting spit out into the code at all. Can you double check that the images have been added to the other team members in that element? You can also try deleting them and then re-adding them in.




    Hi thanks for getting back to me, I’ve repeated this process a few times, the images are all the same image..


    You can try updating the theme files by re-downloading the theme from themeforest. There were a few bug fixes and new features though I’m not entirely sure this is related but it could be and it doesn’t to hurt to have the most recent bug fixes installed.


    It is updated. Perhaps I should update again. Whats the best process? Last time I just replaced the files that had been changed as per the changelog.


    Unless you have edited the theme files specifically, I would suggest replacing all of the theme files since there have been so many updates released already.


    OK, updated the whole theme and it’s still the same, plus I got loads of new pages entitled Progress Bar! Have you tested this issue on your own version?

    This issue only happens when I use the team member feature in a portfolio so there is a definate issue. I really need the filterable portfolio for this website otherwise it will not work the way my client wants it to work.

    Please can you look into this with a bit more urgency as there is an obvious fault here.

    This is a great theme but this little problem is causing me much delay, I’ve had the ‘coming soon’ page up since last week becuase of this and my client is getting nervous!




    I am looking at your pages, and am still trying to figure out what exactly the problem is.

    On this page , i see the portfolio is working. I would do something about that area above the portfolio since it looks strange and nearly empty.

    Please point to specific problems, and if you would, please use to post screen captures with arrows, because perhaps we are seeing different pages or are using different browsers, because everything looks good from here.

    I would just use this css to get rid of that square box during mouse over on the portfolio item pages

    #top .avia-team-member .team-social {
    border: 0px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) !important;



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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