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    Trying to add a portfolio grid to a page but when I go to choose the category that it should pull from, there is nothing to the left of where it says “Which categories should be used for the portfolio?

    You can select multiple categories here. The Page will then show posts from only those categories.”

    What am I missing? Why don’t I have an option to choose a category?



    Did you assign categories to the portfolio items? Sometimes, users confused post and portfolio item categories. They are two different thing.




    Hi there,

    I am having the same problem than #satucker. First of all congrats on the great job you are doing here. Enfold is a groundbreaking theme and this support channel is just fantastic. After having looked for it I haven’t found any thread on this -any that actually solves my problem- and I am encountering the same problem that #satucker as I can not find any way to deselect categories from the “list of categories that must be used” for the portfolio grid.

    Am I also missing something? Don’t know how to choose from these categories. Just want one to show up.



    It was just easier than I thought. Very intuitive, I will explain it in case someone falls in the same hole :-). You don’t need to push any button, it’s even easier, you just have to select from the list and the categories selected (shouwn in blue) wil be the ones showing up in your “Portfolio Grid”.

    Awesome design, this theme is pretty awesome!



    Glad you figured it out. Yes, users are always confuse with that one. Please watch some videos here to learn more about the theme.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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