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    Hi Genius’ I am pulling my hair out can you help!!

    I want a grid of videos the same as you have here in your demo videos

    I have created it so far but instead of the video popping up I get the thumbnail portfolio image. I cannot find any reference in either the original portfolio grid or the portfolio item itself to put a video instead of “image”.


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    Hey Annemarie!

    When you edit your portfolio posts there will be an option called “Overwrite portfolio link setting” which you can use to link to your youtube or vimeo video.



    Hi Elliott,

    Thanks but that only opens up the video on YouTube, I want it to open up inside the box where it is currently previewing the thumbnail in a large size. Can you show us:
    – the settings for your Porfolio Grid on
    – the settings for one of those portfolio items
    I have played with every variation but still can’t get it to work like your grid with the video in the lightbox.



    It looks like you switched it to use the AJAX preview now. For that you can add our video shortcode to the preview text and then set it to display no images, only the preview text.



    Thank you Elliott, it works brilliantly! Whoohoo :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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