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    I use a Portfolio Grid in one page, but when comes the pagination it doesn’t works! It shows out a 404 page when I clicked the second page. What’s the problem, what can I do to solve this problem? The URL is, when comes to is a 404 page.


    Hi oceanmaster,

    Most likely this is a permalink issue which can be resolved by going to your WordPress Settings>Permalinks and re-saving the options there. If not, try the troubleshooting issues here:




    I tried, but still didn’t work! The Permalinks I’m using is the post name

    appreciated it!

    thank you!



    Please update your theme. You are using 1.31 while current version is 1.71 or 1.72 any time now. There has been a lot of updates so that you will need to login to and download the update from there, unzip it (twice) and using an FTP program, upload the update to your host. The update will overwrite every theme file so you should make a backup. Here is a video to walk you through the process produced by Devin.




    I’ve updated the theme to 1.7.1 but it still doesn’t work!

    I don’t know what to do, it confused me for weeks!




    Just tried on my local system and all worked. I suspect you problem is in the way you setup you permalink structure.

    Do this.

    1) Kill you permalink structure. change it to what it was Default (only uses query string with no pretty permalinks). Then look at the website again. This should make second page work.

    Do you have catalog defined as a category anywhere (woo commerce category, portfolio category, blog category)?

    Also check the portfolio advanced element on your portfolio page where you set how many portfolio thumbnails to show per page, how many do you have? How many portfolio items do you have in total?

    Please paste a snapshot of this whole page ->




    I’m having the same problem, and can’t seem to find a solution that works. My portfolio is here: and it won’t go to page 2 for nothig in this world. Even the sort at the top only sorts page one, it will not bring the items from page 2. So there is no way for my views to see anything on the other pages, and I don’t want 100 portfolio items on one page. What shall I do?


    Hi TonyMack,

    Try the troubleshooting tips from the codex on permalinks:

    There is a section specifically for pagination issues that may help.

    The sorting at the top will never pull from other pages however so that isn’t a bug but just the way the portfolio works.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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