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    hello first of all congratulations for the excellent work. I have a problem in the portfolio grid: when I duplicate the post from default language (english) in WPML, the grid loses the category filter.
    I have translated the categories slugs from english to italian, is this the reason of lost settings?
    There is a way to duplicate portfolio posts without loosing this setting? I have a lot of portfolio’s items and is “impossible” a manual set for each one to fix the issue.

    Second issue: sometimes in the page with portfolio grid, when I filter a category, an additional scrolling bar appears on the right side.
    In a private post the links. Thank you.

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    is there anyone? :-(



    You can duplicate the post but you need to reconfigure the portfolio grid. The portfolio shortcode uses the category ids (portfolio categories) to generate the grid and the category ids of the translated categories are different from the “original” category ids. I recommend to duplicate the post, then click the “Translate independently” button and then re-configure the portfolio element and select the translated categories.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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