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    This could be a tricky one to implement into my site. Essentially I want to assign hundreds of images with dozens of tags/categories. The user can search for a tag where the gallery will filter out all the images without that tag. A perfect example of what I want is found here:
    You can search for any word you can think of and the site filters the media to display only the music with that tagged category, only instead of music tracks I want to implement images.

    The closest thing to what I’m describing which is available through enfold seems to be the portfolio grid, but that appears to be for posts/pages only. Do you know if what I’m trying to achieve is possible through changing the theme code or adding plugins? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




    Hi James,

    I’m sure it’s possible but it also sounds like it would take a lot of customisations to the theme, and that would be considered custom work and would be out of scope of theme support unfortunately. But try to explain a bit further so that we can get a better picture of what you are trying to do, maybe one of the other moderators has a clue on how to achieve what you are look to do.



    Hi Rikard,

    Thanks for the response.

    An example of the tag system could include you searching for images that have the tag ‘nature’ assigned to them. All those without the nature tag would disappear. To add another level to your search, you might add the tag ‘red’ and you now have images of sunsets in remote scenery…just an example!

    I could either 1) Have a dozen or so ‘tags’/’categories’ that are displayed in a slider format so users can select tags within a pane at random. If the tag they are looking for isn’t displayed they can scroll with 2 arrows to the left and right which would refresh the slider with another pane of 12 tags. Shown at

    Or 2) To give the users more freedom in the tags they’re seeking, I could have a search bar just like 8 tracks. A drop down box that suggests tags as they type would also be a nice addition to implement! Shown at

    New pictures would be added to the site all the time so it must be an easy process to upload images and assign them with tags. We’d be looking at having thousands of images available to search through.

    Ideally I’d like the filtering to be applied seamlessly, just as it does in your portfolio demo at: although this is fairly low on the priority list and I want to get the functionality down first.





    feel free to make a feature request about this here:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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