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    Good evening,

    I am using One Page Portfolio for my website. I created a Gallery, but there is no way to limit the number of items per page to create pages, therefore, it’s a long gallery of almost 100 images – I will delete it once I figure this out, too much scrolling for visitors who aren’t interested in the images.

    From looking at the demo page, I guess what I really want is a Portfolio Grid with “Portfolio 4 Column”, 8 items per page. I grasp that. The images are in the library (from where I built the gallery), but can’t figure it out from here.

    I think I need to create a Portfolio Item, but why create a Portfolio Item with a Portfolio Grid when I already have the One Page Portfolio with a Portfolio Grid configured awaiting images. Then I think maybe create a Portfolio Item with a Gallery, but that makes no sense either. Still won’t be able to set items per page.

    How do I tell the Portfolio Grid that I have configured within my One Page Portfolio website which images I want shown?

    I’m lost. I need instructions.

    Thank you


    Hey primarythoughts!

    On your one-page ‘page’ you’ll add in a Portfolio element with the advanced layout editor. From that, you would choose the categories of portfolio items that you want to show. Then the items in those categories would be loaded into that portfolio element on the page.

    At the very bottom of that pop-up for editing the portfolio element is this option “Pagination
    Should a pagination be displayed?” which you can set to Yes to have pagination on that element.



    Where do I do this “Then the items in those categories would be loaded into that portfolio element on the page.”

    I don’t have any items. Sorry I’m new, so if “items” mean something else, I’m not following. Maybe you mean Portfolio Items?

    I have images in the Library, but no categories can be designated. I looked at attaching them, but categories are not an option.

    I also don’t know what you mean by “portfolio element”. Are you referring to the “Portfolio Grid” element?

    Do I create Portfolio Items for each image? (Sigh.. scary thought. If so, is there a quick tool, like the drag and drop image uploader?)

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    The portfolio is populated by “portfolio items”. So from the WordPress admin you’ll open the Portfolio Items section and then Add New. For each item that you want to include into a portfolio grid you need to create a new portfolio item.

    For example, this is a regular page with the Portfolio Grid element added into it:

    The items that are shown have all already been created as portfolio items. The image shown is the Featured image set on each one of those portfolio items.

    You set the portfolio categories just like you would a post and that is what allows you to sort them.

    If you just want a simple grid of your images you can add a WordPress gallery to any pages using the images from your uploaded media which will show like this:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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