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    Hi there,

    I’m struggling with a Portfolio Grid right now. I have created a few categories for portfolio items so I can make appear different subsets of theme in different parts of the website. I also want to make use of the sorting feature that allows selecting a group of categories for portfolios in a portfolio grid to let the user “filter” the types of portfolios she wants to see.

    My problem is that the Portfolio Grid only shows the “All” feature (“Todo” in spanish, since I’ve localized the site using WPML and it is available in Spanish and English). Here’s what I see:

    Instead of just seeing “Todo”, I should be seeing Todo · Cat1 · Cat2 …. · Cat 7, shouldn’t I?

    Here’s how the portfolio grid was defined (retrieved from the db):
    [av_portfolio categories='129,132,133,128,131,134,135' columns='4' items='16' contents='excerpt' preview_mode='auto' image_size='portfolio' linking='' sort='yes' paginate='yes']

    Categories exist, as you can see from the database:

    mysql> select * from wp_terms where term_id in (129,132,133,128,131,134,135);
    | term_id | name           | slug                | term_group |
    |     128 | Publicaciones  | articulos           |          0 |
    |     129 | Congresos @es  | articulos-congresos |          0 |
    |     131 | Revistas         | articulos-revistas  |          0 |
    |     132 | JCR @es        | revistas-jcr        |          0 |
    |     133 | Primer tercio  | jcr-tercio1         |          0 |
    |     134 | Segundo tercio | jcr-tercio2         |          0 |
    |     135 | Tercer tercio   | jcr-tercio3         |          0 |
    7 rows in set (0.00 sec)

    That’s how the categories are shown up in wordpress:
    The portfolio categories I have
    All categories have been translated in two languages using WPML.

    I have the same problem in all pages, with disregard of which categories I select for the portfolio grid.

    Any ideas? Perhaps the translation of the categories caused all this mess? I do not know how to sort this out…


    Hey eucm!

    Can you post the link to your website? If you are not using Enfold version 3.4.5, please update it and let us know if issue remains
    Please see




    Thanks for your response. I cannot post the link to my website yet because it is not in production yet. We’ll probably move it today so I’ll keep you updated on that.

    About updating Enflod: I’ve just set up the API Key and it seems I’m running version 2.4.1. However, the system does not suggest installing 3.4.5 but 2.4.5. Is this correct?

    Thanks again

    – Javier



    Yes, 2.4.5, it is correct. Waiting to hear from you


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