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    someone must have pointed a laywer at my site – she liked it and all of a sudden i am having my first customer ;-) As she wanted “almost the musikzentrale” site, she`s getting it.

    I realize a strange behavior of breadcrumb and portfolio: Although the portfolio entries do not have a parent page and although i did not set up any portfolio categories – since there are none – the portfolio appears as some sort of path in the breadcrumbs. How can i get enfold to display the proper entries? The issue has been discussed in several posts, but there did not seem to be a proper solution up to now (and yes, i have been through devin`s advanced layout video. Great piece of work, but i did not found the solution in there)

    Issue can be seen on




    For what reason so ever: it works now without changing anything …



    Congratulations! Glad you have your first costumer. :)

    I don’t see any Portfolio links on your breadcrumbs. All I see is this:

    Sie befinden sich hier:Startseite / Familienrecht / Eheverträge

    Maybe, I just don’t understand the question.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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