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    am having a “very difficult” time understanding how to create a portfolio in Enfold, specifically wanting a portfolio to display only video (self-hosted, youtube & vimeo), where video will open in light box when clicked on from the portfolio page & not go to the page where video is . . .

    I have searched for over an hour in the forum & am not finding clear instructional steps to

    1. creating a portfolio “in Enfold”

    2. opening video in light box from portfolio page once created.

    3. how to create new “additional portfolios” for different subjects or does enfold only have “one portfolio” to use for several different categories? (I hope this isn’t the case . . . )

    Thank you so very much for your kind reply :)



    1.) Create a page, look for Advance Layout Editor. Under Content element, select and insert Portfolio Grid. Save the page. Voila! You have your Portfolio page. All you have to is to create Portfolio Items.

    2.) You can insert an Image element then set the link manually. Insert a video link. When you click the image it will open up a video lightbox.

    3.) Do instruction number 1, this time edit Portfolio Grid element then select Which categories should be used for the portfolio?

    You can watch tutorial videos here




    Thanks but this didn’t work as expected (wish I could attach screen shots) & I watched the video all the way through & it didn’t explain “portfolio & entries in detail” but here is what I did & can show you that I did . . .

    1. I created a page, clicked on advance layout editor, under content element I selected & inserted “portfolio grid”, clicked the edidt icon -> chose “video” -> 3 columns -> post # 16 -> excerpt “only title” -> link handling chose “display the big image in a lightbox” -> sortable “yes” -> pagination “yes” -> saved the page (did not set featured image) . . . publish

    2. Went to “create portfolio items” clicked on “media elements” chose video, clicked on the video edit icon -> inserted -> clicked save -> uploaded a featured image -> chose video category -> publish

    “AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE ABOVE PAGES, WHEN CLICKING ON THE “SUNSET IMAGE” ON THE PORTFOLIO PAGE ITSELF IT DOES NOT OPEN TO A VIDEO IN THE LIGHT BOX, BUT ONLY TO AN IMAGE” . . . ????? (these caps do not indicate yelling :) only to highlight what is happening)

    3. I looked for a sample page & found this & the only difference is that it shows a text block above the content element of “portfolio grid” & that it has the “parent” set as portfolio . . .

    Thank you for your continued assistance, this is of extreme importance :)


    I have tried the above with video media element as well as with image element & setting the link manually to a youtube video, if I set an image from the “image element” no image shows on the portfolio, so featured image must be used as well, however, in either case the video “does not open in a light box” from the portfolio 3 column page it only opens the “featured image” in the light box & as a gallery of images & in the case of using the media element video when clicked to the page not opening iin a light box PLEASE HELP WITH THIS, this is one of the main reasons I chose this theme – thank you so very much :)

    have now created another portfolio page in addition to the above trying to get this to work & you will see the result is the same . . .



    I’m sorry but it is not possible. You can’t see it on the theme demo. What you can do is to create a full width page, insert 1/5 or 1/4 columns, insert the image element then link it manually to a video url. Just like what you did here Click on the image.




    Ok, that wouldn’t be a big deal to have to build specific video pages, but now I do have another question that is very important as well & will determine if I have to buy a different theme . . . is the slider capable of having a video in it that will play from the slider?

    Thank you so much, this theme has so many features I guess I assumed it would handle video the way I needed . . . but again if I have to build special pages that’s all good, but I do need to know if video will play in the slider – thank you so very much you are sincerely appreciated :)



    You don’t need to build different pages for your videos. Just create a page, insert columns, on each columns insert an image which is linked to a video url.

    You can insert videos on LayerSlider WP.




    Actually I meant I’ll need to build different pages with columns for different categories of videos :) Thank you for answer on slider as well, we can consider this thread resolved :)

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