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    Hi good people of Kriesi,

    I would love to use Enfold for a new client website.
    The only reason i’m still doubtfull is that i need a category hierarchy of portfolio items.

    I already asked this question in but can’t get it to work properly.
    It would be awesome if you could help me to get this working.

    Kind regards,



    what do you like to achieve?

    Have a look to the answer in my topic from Dude:

    Do you like to have a full portfolio grid sorted by categories first and within each category then alphabetically? Doesn’t make that much sense because of the filter option…

    Otherwise you could manually create pages and put the portfolio with selected cats on it. You may take a look here: > Take a look at the subpages. Maybe it gives you an idea…



    Hi formateins,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I would like the sorting to be based in publication date.
    Your last remark is actually something I could work with! I’m going to figure that one out.

    I was focussing on setting up a hierarchy of the portfolio categories but that doesn’t work. I’ll have to make the category structure ‘flat’ and work with page structures. Setting up the whole structure (creating portfolio categories, pages, items) will be more time consuming than other options (like creating a page that looks for titles and images of subpages) but I love the flexibel way of Enfold.




    as far as I’ve read your first request in Enoia forum, you’d like to have the category base in you URL? If so, you need to configure the Permalinks with /%category%/%postname%/ – otherwise it won’t work.

    So it’s a bit unclear to me what you exactly like to achieve. Sorting on portfolio grid or the URL stuff?



    Hi Matthijs,

    I think your best route is to go the page>category route and use the WordPress navigation as the sorting for your various tiers and sub-elements. The category sorting/grid by itself doesn’t support what I think you are looking for.



    @formateins: the sorting is not important. The thing was to have levels of portfolio items (main level and sublevel) and to see that hierarchy back into the URL.

    @devin: Yes, I tried in a demo and it will work.

    Thanks guys for pushing me in the right direction.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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