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    Before the recent update the third party plugin “Popup Builder” worked without a hitch and my website displayed a neat functionality that when you hovered over certain images on a conference Speakers page (built with the layout builder using the Team Member module), there would appear an icon to click and then that would open a model window containing the Speakers Bios (replacing the social media links).

    But the links don’t work anymore and no modal window opens. And the Popup Builder plugin is displaying very erratically and weirdly in the backend. I am unable to create new Bio’s, the data displayed in the edit area is incomprehensible and I wonder what’s all gone wrong.

    I’m providing access details below in case you want to have a look.

    Meanwhile, I’d like to ask if you have any plans to include this type of functionality within Enfold? I remember reading somewhere it was an upcoming feature and I’m wondering if all this oddity is stemming from some future roll-out. Basically I would really love it if you had the same functionality as your Video link in the portfolio section that automatically opens a model to display the video. Can we not do that with text and images? Pretty please.


    Hey lucindaholland,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    The icons don’t link anywhere or the href attribute contains nothing but hashtag. How did you define the link before?

    Best regards,


    Hi there,
    Thank you for pointing this out. I had been scratching my head, but this has highlighted a possible issue.

    I had instructed my client (who’s entered all the bios) to add a separate text block, but she overruled me and inserted the shortcode into the team member module as a class. I’m just gonna check with her now just how she did this as just the class on it’s own wouldn’t of worked anyhow.

    Meanwhile I will try and rectify this by
    1) adding a Text Block module below the Team module,
    2) inserting generated Popup shortcode and attach it to the link BIO

    However, I notice the icon for the Popup builder is also missing. Major disruption to that plugin and I am doubtful this will work anyhow, but you have raised a valid point and I might be able to solve this from now on. Will update in a few hours.

    Also, no answer to my other question. This is not achievable with using just Enfold, right?

    No way



    Thank you for the update.

    Also, no answer to my other question. This is not achievable with using just Enfold, right?

    You may be able to use the lightbox feature to open an inline content inside a modal popup window. Example of this implementation can be found in the following thread.

    // https://kriesi.at/support/topic/gallery-launched-from-text-link/#post-1178381

    Best regards,

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