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    My client is requesting a Team page with people’s images and having an option for a pop-up feature to show more info, not take them to another page but just have a roll-over with a pop-up that will show there title/phone number / email etc.. Is there a way to do this in Enfold?



    Hey schwabino,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    You can use the default lightbox option in the theme to open an inline content. Please check the links below for a few examples.


    Or just use a plugin.


    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael

    Can you help me with a little more input on the process to make the lightbox feature open up with the ability to add text under the image?




    The script in the previous threads are based on this documentation.


    You have to add this code in the functions.php file to enable the inline popup.

    function inline_popup_enabler(){
            $(document).ready(function() {
                    midClick: true
    add_action('wp_footer', 'inline_popup_enabler', 9999);

    In a text or code block, create a new element and place the content that you want to display in a popup.

    <div id="test-popup" class="white-popup mfp-hide">This is the popup content</div>

    And in the same or separate block, create the popup button.

    <a href="#test-popup" class="inline_popup">Show inline popup</a>

    When the inline_popup button or link is clicked, it will open the #test-popup element inside the lightbox.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Ismael

    But I want to use this is for a Team gallery of photos which will use the lightbox function when clicked on a photo and will have the image pop-up with faded dark background around the image and a text box below to add Name / email etc.. Can you guide me the way to make this possible?



    Please see this tutorial on using the Team Member element to show a popup when the image is clicked to show more information.
    It sounds exactly like what you are trying to do and explains step-by-step how to do it.
    Try testing it on a test page on your site and if you get stumped include a link to the page and an admin login so we can assist.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike! I’m trying to obtain my light box on click but I cannot add your code into theme editor: impossible to save…….


    First Try disabling your plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the conflict.
    If you would still like help with the team member popup, please link to your test page with an admin login so we can check.

    Best regards,


    I tried all!
    Please check!


    I didn’t find a test team page on your site so I disabled your plugins and created one and then enabled your plugins again, please check the page linked below.
    Please adjusting the team member element with images and text like how you would use it and refer to this tutorial to create the popups.
    If you have any troubles try disabling the plugins and reactivate each one individually until you find the conflict.

    Best regards,


    Which page? No link!
    Anyway i add your css but miss the code in the theme editor because i can’t add.
    Now, are you added it?

    I need to proceed step by step:
    1. css code (done)
    2. code into theme editor (not done; please add it you)

    Now, i have an image into my page: how should i add the popup lightbox at click?
    Can the popup be scrollable? I mean i should add texts, photos, video, tables…..

    Please let me know.


    Sorry, just seen the page. Ok..
    Now i can’t add the code into theme editor–>functions.php

    Please look at the link.


    Unable to communicate with the site to check for fatal errors, the PHP change has been reversed. You’ll need to upload the change some other way, such as using SFTP.


    I’m looking your popup page, well. I want to click on the image (boat) and then appear the full page lightbox. Whithout the navigation button (<>) but only a page that you can scroll down and read,
    Imagine a normal page..after click on the image.
    We are on the right way….


    The page of the team doesn’t work. The images are not clickable..

    Forgive all my replies.


    I believe that you misunderstood what I meant, on the /team/ page I was asking you to add your info for your team members to the team element, such as the images and info, I didn’t make them clickable yet.
    I have made it clickable now, please clear your browser cache and check.
    Lets keep this team member page and the popup page topics in their separate threads so we don’t get confused.

    Best regards,


    hi Mike, just seen.
    Hope you understood what i mean:
    I like how the popup opens but there i can’t insert photo, etc..
    I need to insert different contains.
    I like your popup page but all (text, photo and video) should be in only one popup and not in three buttons.
    The button should be an image.

    I linked two examples, click on the works.


    It looks like you are trying to use the team element popup on the /team/ page as a plain popup, which is not really what it is meant for.
    In this thread you asked: My client is requesting a Team page with people’s images and having an option for a pop-up feature to show more info
    this why I recommended the team member element, so my question is are you still looking to have a team page? If so please try adding your team images and member info to the elements.

    I know you have another thread about plain popups and perhaps your comment here was meant for that thread, which is fine but lets try to keep these threads separate so it’s not confusing. If you changed your mind about having a team member page that is ok, but we should close this thread in that case.

    Best regards,


    Ok. Close this thread but help me to obtain my request.


    Do you mean your request: My client is requesting a Team page with people’s images and having an option for a pop-up feature to show more info
    Or you don’t want to do this anymore?

    Best regards,


    This isn’t my request. Sorry!
    Please read my last reply. There are also two examples..


    Oh, I see that this is not your thread, and the first post is not yours, this is why I’m confused.
    I will close this thread, please update your popup thread and we will continue there.
    Sorry, I thought you had two different popup requests at the same time.

    Best regards,

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