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    I would like a custom sized popup page instead of a link when one of the buttons in this full screen slider is clicked. Please advise.

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    Hey codepantry!

    Thank you for using the theme!

    We are not certain of what it is you’re trying to accomplish. If you don’t mind, please post a screenshot of what you’re trying to do. We will give you a proper response once we have a better understanding of the issue.



    The full screen slider on this link has a button which when clicked leads to a full page with a form –
    Looking at the full screen slider button configuration, it only allows for links to pages. Instead of this I would like a the form to open up in a pop up window over the current page for better user experience.

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    You can add button manually as shown here to open your page in a pop up window –

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    Sorry this does not work. – This full screen slider is very ok in terms of formatting and positioning of the image and text. The only thing I want to change is how the button behaves.

    When the sign up button is clicked I would like a pop up window and form in my case. (If you click on the connect link on you will see an example popup window)

    The syntax you gave resulted in a link and repositioned all my text. In addition the link does not work due to incorrect syntax.

    I tried a few variations of the form link below so feel free to correct this one below.
    I have attached two images to assist with assessing:

    Click here for pop up!</>


    Hello gentlemen, any input much appreciated


    Based on your description, am I supposed to install some prettyPhoto plugin? If so, which one for forms since there are several and msotly emphasizing images and video popups

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    I am afraid this is not possible by default without a plugin of some sorts. The prettyphoto lightbox plugin is already included with the theme but there is no option to create a popup window with ajax based content by default.

    What you can try is to add a custom html button to the caption instead of using the button generator. Something like this:

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