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    Dear support,

    I’m working on a client multi-language website and am using the free Polylang plugin. All has been good so far, but now I’m working on the blog page, and single posts, and I notice the following items are missing on single posts; (I’m using the Modern Business styling).

    1. Blog title and underneath the category.
    2. Tags under the post content
    3. Date / Comments / author
    4. Social media share buttons
    5. Related posts
    6. Comment form

    The above issue applies to both languages: English and French. I also noticed on the Blog page that those meta items display ok.
    I have created a login for you so can explore the single post template. Thank you in advance for any support with solving this issue.
    Best regards


    I also notice that as I recreate the post, using save as a template, the auto extract is removed. It’s not such a problem as I’m using a plugin to create custom excerpts, but just a notice.


    Update re: UN



    This is not a polylang issue but a side effect of the advanced layout builder. The advanced layout builder does not add the data you mentioned to the template automatically. If you want to include post data you can use some elements (i.e. the “Social share buttons” and “Comments” elements in the “Content Elements” tab to show social share icons and the comments) or you can add it manually by using a textblock element. If you want to add the date, comments, author and tag meta data, social media share buttons and related posts automatically please switch back to the “Default Editor”.

    Best regards,


    Awesome. I now understand, and will copy the text directly from the text block and place it in the default editor.
    Thank you for the quick reply.



    Glad you found a solution :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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