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    I want to make a czech translation of template. But I’m missing the plural forms. For czech language are plural forms even more interesting :-) .. . cs Czech nplurals=3; plural=(n==1) ? 0 : (n>=2 && n<=4) ? 1 : 2;

    Am I’ missing something?


    Hey Jaroslav!

    I suggest to use the free Codestyling plugin to translate the theme or to change the content of the current translation. Install the plugin ( ), go to Tools > Localization and select “Themes”. Then search for “Enfold” in the list and select your language and click the “create po-file” button. Click on “Rescan” to search for all text strings. Afterwards click on “Edit” and translate the required strings from the “avia_framework” textdomain. At least click the “create mo file” button next to the “Textdomain” selection dropdown (top left corner). Search for “Leave a Reply” and “Want to join the discussion?”, etc to translate the comment text strings.

    Best regards,



    thx for fast reply. But …

    I wanted to use Poedit for translation, and i know codestylig localization. I speak about translation of terms like comments.
    In czech we have different terminals for plural forms – comment = komentář in czech. 1 komentář, 2,3,4 komentáře but 5,6 komentářů.

    So i ask if it’s possible to add to translation the possibility to edit multiple plural forms?
    I hope I mange to be more specific this time.

    Thx for reply and have a nice day

    Jaroslav Ondra



    I understand you issue and seems to be known one. I kinda found a workaround using some custom logic but i have a question, is your site only in Czech or is also in another language? can you post a link to it?

    Best regards,


    thx for link and also for your reply.

    We are talking about webpage linked with my profile.

    Czech language is at this time the only language, but we plan at least english and maybe also other translations in the future. But it’s a plan. It will take some time. (it’s a bit non profit project :-) )
    I have to say that with czech language there is always some trouble …

    I thought that this a global problem – you just set which terms have plural forms. POedit than allows to set native plural forms for each translation file. I’m sure I’ve seen this working in some theme i was working with recently.

    I’ll read whole discusion too later.

    I really appreciate your help.

    Have a nice day

    Jaroslav Ondra

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